About V Hikerz

V are a group of avid Hikerz who pursue our own careers and spend the Veekends hiking.

V hike in the Sahyadris mostly and look forward to xploring the Himalayas some day.

V are one jolly group who believe in being there for each other. All the time.

V like to feel Victorious not only when we reach the top but even when we enjoy the route to the top. V enjoy every moment

The (V)alleys turn us on

The group is proud of associating with each other. V are one unit.

In our group its never about I, its the V that works.

V dont believe in litter. Nor do V believe in making a noise and disturb the environment. V do not believe in consumption of alcohol while trekking. V are proud of our selves and believe that V can make a difference. Where it matters

Some Basics:

To be part of this group you need to be invited. If you wish to be invited someone from the group needs to refer you to the group.

If you fit into our description and you do not know anyone in this group you may write to samiirh@gmail.com and check whether U can become a V.

We are based out of Mumbai and initially intend to get more members from Mumbai and Pune and then move on to other geographies.

Any questions ? Feel free to write to us on vhikerz@gmail.com and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Lets feel a part of the group and take the experience from just hiking to other activities that add value to society.


  1. mala says:

    wow!!! that ‘s gud…..

  2. jyoti says:



    the content is very good ….Direct Dil sea…..


    First i would love to b a part of v Hikerz …

    Wl b always thr for You….

  3. Sidharth says:

    lovely … 🙂

  4. M V Bhaktha says:

    Wish to join you some day. Fantastic group keep it up. Your spirits are really soaring higher than the highest mountain you ever trekked…hehehe Good luck for all your ventures.

  5. Laukik says:

    Fantastic website.

  6. shyamsunder says:

    vgood website u have kept it simple and easy.three cheers for vhikerz .

  7. Ramesh says:

    Looking Awesome Sam…!!!

    Stone colors… with bit of Black.. Liked it!

    V HIKERZ rocks!!!

  8. monalisa says:

    V so rock always;p;p;))))

  9. Snehal T says:

    FULLY Amazing …!!!! 😉 We are rocking..

  10. Sushant says:

    gr8 rustic look n feel…

  11. Krunal says:

    Gr8 work VHikers…… It’s all about ‘V’ dat counts…………..

  12. Nirmal says:

    Wow.. The new look is really nice.. keep up the good work… 🙂

  13. Amit Agrahari says:

    Kewl blog. Feelling glad to have joined you.

  14. neeraj says:

    hey sammy varun and co..very nice job…..amazing ..looking forward to contribute more

  15. shivanand prabhu says:

    good job guys !!! 🙂 V Hikerz Rocks !!!

  16. Santy says:

    Superbly done…….loved this one…….

  17. Aniket says:

    Lai Bhari Sam

  18. Netri Desai says:

    Awsomeeeeee Samirda…. V rocks!!… I m proud to hve V as a part of my life..


    gr8 job, we are finally having a website, gr8 job

  20. shruti bondal says:

    gr8, we finally have our own domain…V Hikers Rock!!

  21. amit shenoy (michael) says:

    gr8 wrk guyz!!! ❤ ettt!!!!

  22. Varsha says:

    congrats guys……

  23. anand says:

    great work.. happy that we have a domain

  24. varun says:

    gr8 work…!!congrats..

  25. Manisha says:

    Congratulations u guys,feel gr8 to be a part of VHikerz, fantastic group

  26. Aditya says:

    Dis is awesome…..:):)
    Congrats guys……!!

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