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Bhupatgad View

Grade: 2 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 as tough

How to reach:

On the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway, take the right from Manor which goes towards Wada. Before reaching wada, you will come across Pali naka, from here take the left which goes to Junnar. Just before reaching Junnar, you have to deviate towards the right for Zhapp (about 18 kms). The road to Zhapp is very narrow, steep inclines and full of potholes. Be prepared for a bumpy ride. The base village Chinchawdi is just about 1 km from Zhapp. The trek starts from here.


This is a very easy trek and you will reach the foothills of the fort within just about half and hour of walking. After some time, you will come across an open land (plateau). There is medium sized rectangular stone which has stone footprints. You will have to search towards the right side of the plateau as this is very easy to miss. Another 30 mins walk will take you to the top of the fort.

There are water tanks on top of the fort with little water, but this water is not potable.

Best time to visit:

October to February

Availability of Water / Food:



Carry whatever essentials which normally trekkers carry on every trek. Nothing specific.

Trekkers are just advised to carry ample water and food.

  1. Mumbai Hiker says:

    Nice photos and treks events. Keep it up!

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