Posted: May 23, 2010 by Samy in Slightly Tough

Awesome beauty of Ganpati GhatGrade: 7  on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as tough

How to reach base: The trek starts from Khandas which is around 30 km from Karjat and around 24 km from Neral. The connectivity from both places to Khandas is equal, though buses are more frequent from Karjat. From Khandas take a road that reaches a river. The right turn from just across the river leads us to the Ganpati Ghat route while going further straight down the same road takes us to the Shidi chi Vaat (ladder route)

The shidi chi vaat is more thrilling and adventurous and much shorter than the Ganpati Ghat.  We recommend the Ganpati Ghat as the route is easier (bit longer) but much more scenic. The path is well defined and the chances of losing way is next to impossible.

Availability of water & Food (along the route and at the top) The ideal time to do this trek is in the monsoons as the valley sightings on the way is extremely beautiful. However, this trek can be done anytime upto february after which availability of water on the way is scarce. During the peak season there are some stalls on the way that sell basic food like poha and tea etc.

Duration of trek:Shidi chi vaat takes around 4 hours. Ganpati Ghat around 5 and a half hours if walked continuously.
Special Points to be seen: Several points on the way. Valley sightings are amazing. The waterfall on the ganpati ghat route is really amazing.
Essentials: This is a long trek. Helps if you carry juicy fruits/ vegetables like sweet lime, oranges, cucumbers etc Carry water in plenty, though it would be available on the way during monsoons. These areas are prone to heavy rain and dense fog and we pass through a very dense jungle. So torches are helpful

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