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Wonderful SudhagadGrade: 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as tough

Recommended overnight stay

Sudhagad is a historically significant Fort. This was one of the shortlisted places by Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj as his capital before zeroing on Raigad.

The vast expanse of land as well as the view of the area in all directions makes it a good location for a settlement. This fort is also known as Bhorapgad after the Goddess Bhorai whose temple is one of the 5 temples on the fort. This fort is an ancient one and it is believed that the famous Bhrigu Rishi had made it his abode.

How to Reach: There are two popular routes to the top.

From Pacchaapur / Thakurwadi : This route goes through the forest and has a man made ladder as part of the route. The new ladder is quite robust and one can enjoy a wonderful breeze as one is climbing the ladder.

The route is well defined and takes us to Pacchapur Darwaja. The view towards the right as one crosses this darwaja is nice. This is roughly 2/3rd of the trek. From here there is a path that takes us to the plateau on the top of the fort. towards the top is a small waterfall which is refreshing. This is flowing only during the monsoons.

The view from all directions is breathtaking.

There is a wada (shelter) built by the trustees of the Bhorai mata temple where there are utensils, mats etc which anyone can use for their overnight stay. There are trekkers who stay in the Bhoraimata temple as well.

Availability of water & Food : Along the route nothing is available. At the top there is a wada where utensils and a choolha is available for cooking. There is a family at the top who can also do the cooking if we provide them with the rations. They can also guide us to the tank where drinking water is available

From Dhondse: The route from dhondse is easier in the sense that the gradient is less. But its much longer. Walk to a Hanuman temple and from here the path goes parallel to a river and reaches the maha darwaja. The fort plateau is around 5 – 10 minutes walk from here.

This path opens very near to the Bhorai mata temple.

Duration of Trek: Around 3 hours from pacchapur and 4 hours from Dhondse

Special Points to be seen: Tak mak Point also the point where sunrise is beautiful

The sunset is also beautiful

The view of the tel baila range is awesome and one is tempted to keep watching it for hours

The ancient Bhoraimata as well as the Shiv Temple behind the wada have wonderful vibrations. The Goddess temple specially is a wonderful place to meditate.

Essentials: Carry water, rations, and other regular trekking accessories

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