Posted: May 28, 2010 by sawant1810 in Trek Info

View from Bheemgad

Grade: 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as tough

A good one for first timers and kids

Bheemgad or Bhivgad is situated near a small village gaurkamath, accessible from karjat. There are no remnants of any fort here but the 360 degree view of the whole area in sight and thus making Bheemgad a strategic point to monitor movements in the whole area is really amazing.

How to Reach: Take a train to karjat. Travel further using local transport to Vadap. From Vadap walk towards a gorge in the mountains. It’s an easy gradient and takes us to a point where there is a bifurcation. The right takes us to Dhak plateau and should be avoided. A small narrow path goes up towards the left that leads us to Bheemgad.

Availability of water & Food: No food or water available on the top.

Duration of Trek: Approx 1.5hr

Special Points to be seen:

A beautiful view of the Dhak plateau which is on the right of Bheemgad.

360 degree view of the surrounding area is really beautifully in rainy. There is also a water fall nearby which is only there in the rainy season otherwise dry throughout.

Essentials: Carry water, some light snacks and other regular trekking accessories.

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