Garbett Point

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Grade : 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as tough

How to reach : Matheran turns into a hiker’s/trekker’s playground during the monsoon with various groups climbing points like Garbett, One Tree Hill, Rambagh and Porcupine. While all the routes are well defined with easy climbs, Garbett is the better among the lot. Garbett point is located on South-west side of Matheran with grand view of the plateau below. The huge plateau expanse gives a view to various waterfalls on the neighbouring mountains with the wind blowing at high speed. The trek is a bit long and requires a little of endurance to accomplish. There are 2 ways to reach the fort

via Bhivpuri Road – Take the 1st or the 2nd train to Karjat on the central railway starting from CST [VT] and alight at Bhivpuri station. Right outside the station there is a restaurant which serves tea / coffee and breakfast. Pick up the required water bottles from here. Start walking on the tracks towards Karjat side for 2 minutes and you will notice a defined path entering a village [Diksal]. This path leads to a wider road [villagers call it highway]. Take a left here and turn right again to begin the trek.

After walking for 5 mins one sees a huge manmade lake. The climb is spilt up into three patches. The first patch is a walk along the perimeter of the lake and crossing a fast moving stream. One needs a rope to cross this stream during/just after the monsoon season. The fields and the mountains are lush green with waterfalls all around. One walks over several small streams which join the manmade lake. The second patch starts just after the stream and climbs up rather steeply. Follow this path till you reach another village at a height. Above this village is the Garbet plateau. A short steep climb and you are on the narrow plateau, which offers a panoramic view of the valley on both sides. One stands on the fresh grass, perpetually doing the Mexican wave and watching the swirling mist playing hide-n-seek with the valley view. The third patch is from the plateau to Garbett point, Matheran. It is a short steep ascend to the top. The path is very narrow and on one side there is a sheer drop of some thousand odd feet into the valley. At times the wind blows really hard on this exposed part and it can be quite scary for the lightweights.

From the point keeping walking towards matheran market until you come across distinct diversion. Take the right and keeping walking until you come to the narrow gauge railway track. Take a right on this track and keep walking until you reach Dasturi. One can have lunch here before starting towards Neral. In such case one need to enter into Matheran and will have to pay entry fee. Go there only if time is permitting. To reach Neral nature lovers should walk down the 9km stretch touching the innumerable waterfalls which come on the way. Those walking shouldn’t miss the huge waterfall near Jumapatti station. The other option is to take a cab/bus to reach Neral station. The narrow gauge train is closed at the moment.

via Neral – Alight at Neral and take a cab upto Dasturi and walk reverse to Garbet Point, descend to the Garbett plateau and climb down to reach Bhivpuri station.


Carry atleast 2 litres of water per person. It is not advisable to camp overnight on the plateau as the wind is strong. However the flat land around the man made lake is an ideal spot. This trek has it all if done in the monsoon time. Lush green mountains with waterfalls emerging and converging into a huge man made lake, cattle grazing on the greenery, a fast moving stream to cross, chirping birds all along, steep climb, few rocks and a huge plateau.

This one is a must for all.

Duration : Around 4 hours from Bhivpuri to reach Garbett Point.

Availability of food / water : After Bhivpuri / Neral station nothing is available until Dasturi / Matheran.

Essential : Rain gear, ample water and good shoes are a must. Extra pair of clothes in case of monsoon.

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