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Grade 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being toughest

Important: This one is not for beginners.

This mountain that stands next to Matheran has beautiful scenery and landscape, but is quite an effort to reach there.

From Neral station take a rickshaw to Phanaswadi (approx. 4 km) and start the trek. Follow the electric poles till the fourth pole after which there is a diversion. Take the one going straight and not to the right. This one will take us to a stream with huge boulders that need to be crossed. One needs to be very careful in this stretch as it can be extremely slippery here. The route is very well defined though a bit tough. The climb is steep and some steps are at waist height. When it is slippery it becomes difficult.

We reach a rock patch which can be climbed in 2 stages. Some nice trekers have tied ropes here, but it is advisable to carry your own ropes for this trek

Once this is done, its a fairly straight walk to the Swami Samarth Cave. One can rest here. There is a statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj here as well. From here a traverse takes us to a ladder which on climbing takes us to the bale killa of the fort where a Paduka of Shri Dattatreya are kept.

From here you can either come back by the same route or keep going ahead keeping the mount to your left. As the mount ends there is a tin cow shed on the left, take a right turn that goes downhill. This will take us to another set of ladders that lead us to the ridge that connects Matheran to Peb. the sight from here is really an experience of a lifetime.

A walk of around an hour takes us to the Ganpati temple on the tracks to Matheran. A right turn along the railway tracks takes us to Dasturi.

Whats Available: Not much except water. Carry food, etc

P.S Please carry your own rope at least 25 feet. This is the most important thing to carry for this trek.

In the monsoons please be extremely careful as the route is really trecherous and can result in injurious falls

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