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Grade – 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as Tough

Grade – 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as Tough

Sagargad is in the alibag area. The sea is visible clearly from the top and maybe thats the reason this fort is known as Sagargad. It had been used by the Marathas as a watch tower to protect the land from sea attacks.

On the Mumbai alibag highway, there is a turning that takes us to Khandale. This is not to be confused with Khandala which is near Lonavala and better known. A drive for around 10 minutes takes us to a village from where a dirt track starts. Get off here and walk take the beaten path. After crossing a small rivulet, the steps start. As the steps end, a path on the right hand side takes us to the Khandale Waterfalls.

The Khandale waterfalls have a huge drop and the water splashing almost looks like mist.

If we do not take the right turn and keep going straight, a climb of around half an hour takes us to a temple of Siddheshwar. This temple has some nice relics and an awesome view of the water that later becomes the Khandale waterfall.

After crossing the temple the route can get a bit confusing. There are a couple of places where there are multiple paths and one needs to choose the right one to get to the fort. At the first bifurcation the right turn takes us to the village which can be avoided and take the left one that leads us to the river.

The next one is more confusing. There are 2 paths to the right and one that goes straight. Take the one in the centre that is almost hidden in the bushes. The extreme right path is dangerous as the legs of one of our members almost disappeared in the muck.

From here a trek of around 45 minutes takes us to the wall of the fort. One can enter the fort by either climbing the wall directly or taking a detour to the left, where there is a clearly marked way to enter the fort.

The fort has some nice views in all directions specially the Vanar Tok. There is a small lake at the top as well as a Shiv Temple.

The Gau mukh is a spring and has flowing water that is sweet and potable.

Whats Available: Carry everthing that you need. We had read about some villagers selling food but didnt find any. Potable water can be had from the Gau mukh.

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