Kaldurg, Palghar

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Grade : 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as tough

How to reach : Kaldurg lies on the Palghar Manor road with the famous Waghoba mandir at it’s base. There is one known way to reach the fort. via Palghar – Take train to Virar starting from Churchgate for western railway commuters. Catch a shuttle going toward Dahanu and alight at Palghar. As the train approaches the Palghar station the fort can be seen on the eastern side of the track. Central railway commuters can travel to Vasai from Diva and reach Virar. From the Palghar station six seater sharing auto is available till Waghoba mandir @ Rs. 10 per seat. For going back to the station wait at the mandir for buses or share autos. There is a small shop next to the mandir where you can pick up biscuits and water.

Just behind the mandir one can see a hand pump. The trail starts from there. The route is tricky and has lots of spots where long grasses are there. At some spots the vegetation is so dense that one needs to bend down to go under the criss-crossing trees and shrubs. You need to be careful at such spots otherwise you can get lost. After climbing from the forest for forty minutes, we reach a flat small area of black basalt rocks. From here, face your back to the Palghar – Manor road, and you can see the Kaldurg’s top. Go ahead on right side and then another 45 mins trek will take you to the top.

There was nothing much to explore on the top. There are few water tanks with dirty water. The surroundings are equally beautiful. One can spot Kohoj fort on Manor side and towards right of Kohoj, Takmak gad can be spotted too. On opposite side, whole Palghar city is visible upto the Arabian sea. The black rocks are the highlight of Kaldurg. Carry atleast 2 litres of water per person. It is not advisable to camp overnight. This trek is good for beginners.

Duration : Around 90 minutes one way from Waghoba Mandir

Availability of food / water : At base [Waghoba mandir] Essential : Rain gear, ample water and good shoes are a must. Extra pair of clothes in case of monsoon.

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