Aajaparvat aka Ajobagad

Posted: December 7, 2010 by DP in Slightly Tough

Grade : 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as tough

How to reach : Aajaparvat or Ajobagad lies on the state highway between Shahapur and Bhandardara. It is one of the highest peak in Sahyadris. One needs to take a right on the Mumbai Nasik highway at Shahapur. On reaching Dholkhamb take the road towards Dehne village. There are arrow marks and sign boards for Ajaparvat all the way from Dholkamb. Any last minute shopping can be done at Dholkhamb. Sharing jeeps are available from Kasara to Dholkhamb and Dehne. This mountain can also be approached via Ghoti – Rajur – Kumshet.

Just before the Dehne village there is a bullock cart road on the right side of the road from where the trek begins. Park vehicles at this junction itself and started walking on the bullock cart road. The route goes from some hillocks connected to the Ajoba hill. A simple walk of about one and half hour is required to reach the Valmiki ashram. As you walk keep looking towards the mountain for some spectacular views of the cliff which houses the cradle of Sitamai and the Luv Kush footprints. One also spot the Katrabai pass will ascending. The Valmiki ashram is a peaceful place apart from the monkeys which can cause menace at times. The ashram is a sacred place and people from all over Maharashtra come here. There are some carved stones near the ashram, on which some carved idols depict some story. In front of the ashram in a 2 minute down hill walk one comes to a mountain water spring. The water is portable.

The way beyond Ashram leads to a rivulet, crossing which we can reach the cave of ‘LUV-KUSH’. To reach this spot we have to ascend the way of waterfall for one and half hour. Above this cave there is a precipice called ‘Cradle of Sitamai’. In the cave there are the carved “Padukas” or the footprints of Luv and Kush. This precipice is a real challenge for trekkers. Trekker need to avoid the cradle of Sitamai during monsoon. Beginers can comfortably trek upto the Valmiki ashram.

Duration : Around 90 minutes till the Valmiki Ashram and another hour to the cradle of Sitamai.

Availability of food / water : The mountain water spring near the ashram.

Essential : Rain gear, ample water and good shoes are a must. Extra pair of clothes in case of monsoon.

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