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Grade: 7  on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as tough

How to Reach Base: Vangani Station near Karjat is the nearest Station from this place

From the station a straight road takes us to the base point at a distance of around 5 km.  From here the trek starts. A easy incline takes us to a small hamlet of around 10 houses. The route from here towards the back of the village takes us to a water stream. Cross the stream and a dense jungle and a steep climb. The climb is roughly 2 hours. This climb takes us through a narrow path with thorny shrubs invading the route from both directions.

After a steep and slippery climb of around 2 hours, we reach a point where we have a ridge to the left hand side. This ridge leads us to the nedhe (a hole in the rock which is a natural formation) Be ready to face ferocious winds along the ridge and in the nedhe. The nedhe is also known as the “Vaghacha Dola” or “Eye of the Tiger”

There is a traverse from here that leads us to Peb and from thereon to reach Kalyan Darwaja of Matheran. This route takes roughly 2 hours to Peb and around an hour and a half to Matheran. The route to Peb is tough and needs ropes.

Duration of Trek: 3 and a half hours to Nedhe

Special Mention: The way down can be very slippery as the whole route is muddy. There are a lot of stretches of loose mud here which becomes a river of grovel in the monsoons and scree in the winters.

The best time to visit this place would therefore be immediately after the monsoons.

Food : Nothing is available on this trek. Please carry sufficient water and food.

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