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Mount Kalsubai

Kalsubai as seen from Bari

Grade :  6 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as tough

Kalsubai is named after a village girl Kalsu who ran away from home and went up to the peak and meditated. It is said that she attained enlightenment at the summit. There is a small shrine dedicated to Kalsubai.

It is the highest point in the sahyadris and as expected the view from the top is awesome and breathtaking.

How to reach: The trek starts from a village called Bari. This village is around 12 km from Bhandardara and lies on the road that connects Ghoti to Bhandardara. One can take a train till Igatpuri and then a state transport bus to reach Bari. On the Mumbai Nasik highway, take a left at Ghoti junction and move towards Bhandardara.

Availability of Water & Food: There is a well located very near to the summit which used to have potable water. Nowadays the same is contaminated with litter

No food is available at the top, though a lot of villagers make a living out of nimbu paani along the way.

Duration of Trek: 3 and a 1/2 hours from Bari

The route is well defined. After trekking for around 45 minutes we reach a small temple. From the temple a route takes us to the top. There are 3-4 metal ladders on the way which are steep and shaky and can be a bit scary.

The government has built steps in many places to make the route easy for trekkers.

Special Points:

An awesome view of the pravara river valley from the top with Ratangad, Harishchandragad etc also visible.

The wind at the top can be really ferocious at times.

Essentials: Cap, Good shoes, Backpack, Some warm clothes as early mornings can be very cold

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