What to Carry?

Cap: A Cap is essential in every season.

Food: Best food to be carried is the dry variety as well as juicy refreshing fruits like apple, sweet lime, cucumbers, dates and the like. Wherever stay is planned trekkers can carry rations like rice, daal etc. Lots of trekkers prefer to carry ready to eat Foods available in the market.

ORS : Carry sufficient amounts of ORS like Electral, Tang and Glucose Powder

Water: Typically around 2-3 litres of water per head is required. For longer treks this will be required in higher proportions

Wind cheater in the rains is an added protection in the rains and if it is very windy

Good trekking bags: Good trekking bags are a must. These lend balance to the body while trekking. There are companies who scientifically design and manufacture trekking bags and other equipment. We recommend bags and equipment manufactured by Avi Industries.

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